Holistic Spas

Organic Rice & Wine

The ritual starts with an exfoliation using a rejuvenating and moisturising scrub followed by a massage with a medium that is rich in vitamin B6 and antioxidants which helps to maintain the skin elasticity, soothes rashes and sun burns. The treatment ends with a wrap which is a blend of organic rice wine with kaolin that removes dirt and works as an anti-inflammation agent.

Asian Compress

An ancient technique practiced for centuries the poultice massage uses steam and deep circular movements to release the active ingredients from the plant and spice extracts. The ritual starts with a scrub enriched with nutmeg and ginger to relieve stress and also helps to exfoliate the skin. This is followed by an herbal massage cream with liquorice and mulberry that has deep hydration properties and brightening effect on the skin. The treatment ends with a healing calamine wrap to restore moisture.

Carbon Infused Purification

This ritual is an ancient antiseptic and anti allergic treatment. The infused active carbon has purification and cleansing properties that leaves the skin with an instant purification and drains the toxins. It starts with exfoliation using a sugar and salt scrub followed by a carbon purification massage. This ends with a wrap rich in infused active carbon that generates heat and opens up the pores resulting in a highly cleansed and toned body.

Slimming & Draining

The ritual is tailor made to help induce slimming and draining properties to restore well being and lightness. The session starts with a sugar green tea scrub. The toning property of the green tea starts working on the skin. It is followed by the green tea massage medium and ends in a slimming wrap that helps the body to eliminate toxins and release stress and fatigue.