Signature Spas

Our unwavering belief that the foundations of health and well-being lie in the hands of nature has ensured that all our signature treatments are rooted in natural phenomena and ingredients.

Bamboo Massage

The Supreme bamboo massage invigorates a feeling of intense serenity. The specially adapted bamboo sticks works perfectly on the body’s contours for a gentle and energising massage. Its sculpting technique is ideal for unknotting tight muscles, releasing the tension and boosting circulation. The Bamboo Oil used for the treatment is a delicately scented oil that nourishes, repairs and softens the skin, leaving the skin looking radiant with a silky soft touch.

Hot Stone Therapeutic Massage

This deeply relaxing and calming massage therapy involves the use of smooth heated stones expertly placed at precise points on your body. The stones are professionally heated to precise temperatures using a professional massage stone heater. The Swedish massage therapy strokes typically used cause a deep comforting sensation and relieve anxiety to promote a sense of calm and relaxation.

Sweet Escape

A luxury body treatment tailored keeping a young couple in mind. A gourmet body scrub with the goodness of coconut and litchi husk which deeply nourishes and eliminates the dead skin cells. This is followed by a natural butter massage medium rich in Shea Butter and Argan Oil with exceptional properties for protecting and softening dry dehydrated and sensitive skin. This treatment culminates with a coconut body wrap that leaves the skin firmer and radiant.

Energy Booster

This relaxing ritual is the ideal remedy against temporary tiredness. A perfect concoction to handle jet lags or a dull boring day. The ritual starts with an energising scrub with its gourmet notes of Kiwi and Mango to revitalise tired skin followed by a massage with a neutral medium that turns into a creamy balm that increases metabolism. The treatment ends with a Kiwi Gel Wrap with a creamy texture to provide unmatched softness and suppleness to the skin.

Lava shell massage

In this luxurious heat massage treatment tiger-striped clam shells are used as the natural massage tool. Lava gel sachets are inserted into the shells for heating and cause a deeply relaxing sensation during the massage thus boosting circulation, easing muscle tensions and reducing anxiety. The clam shells give off calcium ions on heating which can firm up and rejuvenate your skin.